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Dealing With a Plumbing Emergency?

plumber working on an electrical box​​A plumbing emergency is one of the most frustrating events an individual can experience. If you’re lucky, you have a friend or family member who is a plumbing expert. Except what if you don’t? Let’s start with this: don’t get too nervous. Despite how worrying plumbing emergencies can be, there are still countless things you can do to cut down on future damage. This includes calling a plumber who can help you whenever you need your plumbing fixed. Contact us today at (628) 399-0730 to get started.

Is my plumbing problem really an emergency?

Often, it’s tough for homeowners and business owners to decide whether their plumbing concern is a true emergency. There are a few details you probably want to consider before you get in touch with a 24-hour emergency plumber. Have you dealt with flooding in your home on account of the problem?

What if the issue is not flooding, but could be treated as a sanitation problem, like a toilet just about overflowing? Plumbing emergencies are usually problems that could hurt your home or cause health concerns. However, it’s probably fine to let that leaky faucet wait until morning.

Taking Care of Your Emergency Plumbing Issue 

We’re hoping you haven’t panicked yet. Now, what is the best way to take care of your plumbing emergency? Well, you should turn off your main water supply first. You will then need to evaluate the situation. Do you have water puddled on your bathroom floor? Possibly your sink is on the verge of going over.

It’s always smart to go ahead and begin cleaning up in whatever way you can. Taking these steps can help prevent the possible damage that often comes up from plumbing emergencies. ​​Remove any water from flooded rooms, including basements and crawlspaces. And as with any hazardous substance, wastewater should always be handled with caution. 

Your Source for Emergency Plumbing

Seeking help? You can count on our plumbers for the help you need. Plumbing emergencies are fixed by our plumbing pros 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need emergency plumbing in East Palo Alto, CA contact us today at (628) 399-0730.

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