Plumbing Leak Detection and Repair

Quality Leak Detection and Repair Services

Sometimes plumbing leaks are obvious–a sound of running water when no water is being used or a pooling of water that does not go away quickly after turning off the faucet. But other times plumbing leaks are far more subtle and plumbing leak detection is far more difficult. 

Fortunately, even minor plumbing leaks are not impossible to find – not once you know what to look for. Knowing what to look for can ensure you call for plumbing leak repair in San Francisco, CA as soon as needed. Ready? If you need leak detection and repair call James & James Plumbing today at (628) 399-0730 to get started.

Plumbing Leak Detection Tips 

Calling James & James Plumbing can give you peace of mind in knowing you’ve had a professional assess the situation and find leaks in need of repair. But until then, there are still many things you can watch out for so you get the help you need as soon it’s needed. Things to watch out for include:

Check Your Water Bills

Abnormally high water usage on your bills? If so, you may have plumbing leaks. Compare usage from the current month to months prior. If there is a significant increase in your water usage you can’t immediately explain, it’s likely that you have a plumbing leak.

Check the Temperature of Your Water

If hot water is suddenly disappearing and the cold water is staying consistent, and this can’t be explained by the water heater itself, you may have a plumbing leak. Check the area surrounding this appliance for any evidence you need professional help.

Check for Leaks at Faucets and Behind Sinks

Leaking faucets can be one of the most noticeable plumbing leaks you’ll come across. Though they may not always be dripping, they will often pool water if the sink is not used regularly or you don’t run water into them before using them. Try keeping an eye on these areas for these signs.

Pro Help With Your Plumbing Leak Repair in San Francisco, CA 

Do you have a leak in need of immediate repair? Perhaps you suspect a leak but haven’t yet been able to locate its source. Whatever the case may be, you can get the help you need from skilled professionals right away, whether for leaks or other emergency plumbing, by calling us today at (628) 399-0730. Whether you need help with busted pipes or plumbing leak repair in San Francisco, CA, we can be there for you.