Tankless Water Heater Installation

A Convenient, Energy-Efficient Solution

An increasing number of homeowners are opting for tankless water heaters and with good reason. Tankless water heaters provide a host of benefits when compared to traditional tank water heaters, being not only convenient but in many ways more energy-efficient. You can reach out to James & James Plumbing if you’re interested in tankless water heater installation in San Francisco, CA by calling today at (628) 399-0730.

What makes tankless water heaters different?

Many people may find themselves wondering just what it is about a tankless water heater that makes it so different from traditional tank water heaters. This all comes down to exactly how a tankless water heater functions.

Traditional water heaters function by keeping a certain amount of water heated and ready to go at any given time. Meanwhile, a tankless water heater immediately heats up water as soon as it’s needed and only heats up the water that’s needed. There are many benefits to this.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Perhaps the greatest of the benefits for many people after tankless water heater installation is never running out of hot water. Since the water is heated up on-demand, this means your shower will not get cold whether you’re in there for five minutes or an hour. Because water is not constantly being heated, tankless water heaters are also associated with lower energy use, this being another great benefit as it typically leads to lower utility bills.

While not the best-known of the benefits of tankless water heaters, it is also notable that they tend to last longer when compared to standard tank water heaters. Their relatively simple design combined with the fact that they only operate as needed lessens the amount of time they are working. This also makes repairs and tankless water heater replacement a relatively quick process when performed by a plumbing professional experienced with this type of water heater.

Pro Help With Tankless Water Heater Installation in San Francisco, CA 

Have you decided tankless water heater installation is the right choice for you? If so, you can get the help you need by reaching out to our team. We have a vast amount of experience in working with water heaters of all types and we can be there for installation or any other plumbing emergency requiring immediate help. We can ensure professional tankless water heater installation and we are able to provide you with all the benefits. Call James & James Plumbing today at (628) 399-0730 for tankless water heater installation in San Francisco, CA.