Lift Station Pump Repair

brown water gushing out of a large pipe

Fast, Efficient Lift Station Pump Repair

Among the many different types of plumbing pumps, lift station pumps stand out for the unique purpose they serve. These pumps are used at lift stations and are designed to move water from a lower area to a higher area. These pumps are important for moving wastewater and in some cases stormwater. If you have found yourself in need of lift station pump repair, we can help. Give us a call at (628) 399-0730

What is a lift station? 

Lift stations are used in both residential and commercial spaces. They are often used as an alternative to underground sewage systems. Typically, a lift station will be made up of elements including a well for the collection of wastewater, controls for the equipment, a power source, and the lift station pump that does the work of moving the water. 

Because a lift station does the job of moving wastewater, it’s vital to keep the lift station in operation. This means that if the submersible pump in one of these stations has stopped functioning as it should, lift station pump repair should be scheduled ASAP. 

Getting Help from Qualified Professionals

Lift station pumps are a type of submersible pump. This is notable because, among the many types of plumbing pumps, submersible pumps can be more difficult to maintain and repair. Submersible pumps must keep their motors closed up inside the pump and safe from the water they are submerged in. This means more work must be done to access the components inside the pump when lift station pump repair is required, and also makes it important to get your repair from professionals who have experience working with these types of plumbing pumps.

Let Us Help With Your Lift Station Pump Repair

If you’ve found yourself in need of repairs for a lift station pump in San Francisco, CA, or the surrounding Bay Area, we can be there to help. We have a vast amount of experience working with these and other kinds of pumps, such as sump pumps. Reach out to us by calling (628) 399-0730 to set up the service you need for lift station pump repair.